User Manuals

Download the PDF below for your Love My Skin, Love My Hair or SKYNCare product

Love My Skin – User Manuals

Clear skin and cleansing

Sonic Facial Cleanser – LMSFC3

Facial Cleanser – LMSFC2

Facial Cleanser Gift Pack – LMSFC4

Luxury Cleanse and Tone Device – LMSFC6

The Power Couple – LMSPC

Miracle Face Mask Device – LMSSM

Hair Removal

Electric Bikini & Body Shaver – LMSBS1

Derma Beauty Pro+ – LMSDP1

Premium IPL Hair Removal Device – LMSIPL1

Anti Aging

Electric Derma Roller – LMSDR

Eye Beauty Wand – LMSEBW

V-Shaped Vibrating Facial Lifting Roller – LMSJR1A

Facial Lifting Vibrating Beauty Bar – LMSJR4P

Rose Quartz Vibrating Facial Roller – LMSJR5A

Rose Quartz Facial Roller – LMSJR6

The Ultimate Facial Roller Gift Set – LMSJR9

Rejuvenation Beauty Wand – LMSRBW

Miracle Face Mask Device – LMSSM

LED Face Treatment Mask – LMSFM


Facial Steamer – LMSFC1

Luxury ionic Facial Steamer – LMSFS2

2 in 1 Nail Dryer & LED UV Lamp – LMSND


Luxury Glass Diffuser- LMSD1, – LMSD2


Cryo Body Roller – LMSCRO

Love My Hair – User Manuals

Ceramic Curling Tong (Black) – LMSCT-BL

Ceramic Curling Tong (Pink) – LMSCT-P

Rotating Hot Brush (Black) – LMSHB-BL

Hair Dryer (Black) – LMSHD2-BL

Hair Dryer (P) – LMSHD2-P

Ceramic Hair Waver (Black) – LMSTW-BL

Skyncare – User Manuals

Facial Cleansers

Facial Cleanser – LMSFC2

Mini Sonic Silicone Facial Cleanser – LMSFC5

Sonic Facial Cleanser- LMSFC3

Facial Rollers

Facial Beauty Bar – LMSJR4

Rose Quartz Vibrating Facial Roller – LMSJR5

Blackhead Removers

Blackhead remover – LMSBHR1

Hair Removal

Mini Facial Shaver- LMSFC5