green diffuser


Re-create a spa-like atmosphere in the comfort of your home with our stylish diffusers. Enjoy your preferred oils for a relaxing treatment aimed at calming the mind and body.

‘Enhance your well-being and skincare routine’

Create a tranquil, calm and soothing atmosphere at home, or in your workplace with our stylish and well-designed diffusers. Aromatherapy oils subtly scent your living space whilst benefitting your mind and body for total peace, comfort and relaxation.

There are well-being benefits to diffusing aromatherapy oils, whether you want a better night’s sleep, help with reducing stress and anxiety levels, or increased memory and concentration.

Designed for ease of use and equipped with a light that can be set to create a warm glowing ambience in any room during the day, or evening. The perfect accompaniment to help aid your well-being and skincare routine for peace of mind and total escapism.