How our £299 Laser Hair Remover will save you over £3700

How often do you look at your bank statement and wonder where all of your hard earned cash went? Look in the mirror and you’ll find the answer staring right back. Maintaining that chic and shiny exterior doesn’t come cheap, but it’s so worth it – right? And you aren’t alone because according to a 2017 study by Groupon, British women spend an average of £70,294 on their appearance in their lifetime…that’s £1,352 per year and £112.65 a month (read The Independent article about the survey). Some might consider this excessive – but truthfully, it’s an investment – an investment in yourself – and when you work so hard for your salary, what’s wrong with treating yourself to some of it?

When you start to break down your beauty expenditure it’s probably pretty easy to see where the money goes – mostly into keeping stuff like age lines, breakouts and body hair at bay.

Mother Nature is wonderful, but she could give us a break sometimes.

So now you know how much money you are ploughing into your beauty regime every month, wouldn’t you like to know how much of it you could save?

Of course you would, and that brings us nicely back to how our £299 Laser Hair Remover can save you over £3700. To start with we need to introduce you to Liz Beaudry, because she treated herself to a Love My Skin Laser Hair Remover last year and now she’s reaping the benefits.

Like many of us, Liz was a regular visitor to her local beauty salon. She started having Laser Hair treatments on her underarms and “Became addicted to the results”, she wanted to try Laser Hair Removal on other areas of her face and body but her local salon prices meant that she wasn’t able to afford any further treatments. Thankfully, Liz spotted our Laser Hair Remover via Instagram and the rest was history.

“I love this system and I am incredibly happy that I found it” is what Liz told us in her Facebook review, and when you read through her breakdown of cost savings it is pretty easy to understand why.

Have a think about your own body hair, how much time and money do you spend shaving, waxing and plucking it away every day, week and month? We all have a go-to hair removal method but unlike Laser Hair Removal, none of them last very long and they don’t leave you with the same salon finish.

Laser Hair Removal is a longer lasting answer to shedding unwanted hair, but visiting a salon for a course of treatments requires creative diary juggling for you busy ladies and it can be incredibly costly too.

According to our own independent research, an average UK beauty salon course of Laser Hair Removal costs as follows:

  • Upper legs: 6 salon treatments £1,025
  • Lower legs: 6 salon treatments £935
  • Bikini line: 6 salon treatments £541
  • Underarms: 6 salon treatments £515
  • Forearms: 6 salon treatments £675
  • Upper lip: 6 salon treatments £327

That’s a total cost of £4018

The Love My Skin Laser costs £299

That makes a total cost saving of £3,719

Remember Liz? She did a similar pricing exercise with her Laser Hair Remover – as she is American her breakdown was based on US prices, and she also used the discount rates that her salon was offering at the time. Liz calculated her savings as $2795 (approximately £1990) so it’s easy to understand why she is so impressed! You can read her full price breakdown here.

If saving £3719 isn’t impressive enough to convince you how badly you need a Love My Skin Laser Hair Remover in your life, we should probably also remind you that it:

  • Is the most powerful at-home Laser Hair Remover on the market
  • Comes with a lifetime guarantee AND a 12 month Money Back guarantee
  • Effectively reduces hair regrowth after just one month
  • Means you can avoid those nasty razor burns, in-grown hairs and shaving cuts for good

One more thing before you rush off to check out our Laser Hair Remover: We have an extra 20% discount across ALL Love My Skin products for our loyal blog readers – enter the code SPRINGGLOW at the checkout. That’s another saving to add to your total.

So next time you feel that hot flush of panic as you realise what you spent on your beautiful self in one month, have a look down at your silky smooth legs and remind yourself that:

  1. You deserve it
  2. You’re going to look smoking hot this summer
  3. You can use all that money you’re saving on hair removal to treat yourself to a plane ticket and some cute swimwear to make the most of the smooth new beach body you’re rocking

*The SPRINGGLOW 20% discount code can be used against new orders placed directly through only. It is not redeemable against the Limited Edition Laser Hair Remover or in conjunction with any other offers.

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