How to select the perfect essential oils for your home diffuser

Love My Skin Essential Oils expert Vivien Garside shares her tips on choosing the right essential oils for your home

Now that you understand the benefits of using essential oils aromatically, you might be looking for hints on how to get started with aromatic use.  When used safely, essential oils have endless applications for purifying the air, improving mood, and promoting a calm, relaxed atmosphere.

There are many factors involved with aromatic use and it is important to control the amount of oil you are exposed to when using essential oils in your diffuser.

Whilst there’s no specific recommendation for dosage with an oil diffuser, it’s important to be considerate of potency and therefore, using in moderation is advisable.

The amount of oil used, the duration of the diffusion, or your exposure to the aromas depends on factors like room size, the proximity of the person to the diffuser, the output of different diffusers and air movement in the room – and all of this varies from person to person.

It is also important to remember that essential oils are extremely potent, and each person will react differently to the aroma of an oil.  You should consider your own personal health and experience with essential oils when determining the dosage for aromatic use.  Start with 2-4 drops, and gradually adjust according to your needs and affect desired with more use and experience.

Use of essential oils around babies and children

Very minimal amounts of essential oils should be used near babies, and some should be avoided altogether.  Often just 1 drop in a diffuser in a baby’s room is sufficient but for more specific advice surrounding essential oil usage for around babies and young children we recommend this booklet.

Use of essential oils around animals

Certain oils should be avoided around pets and we suggest you consult a good educational booklet for further information.  This guide details which oils should be avoided around animals – primarily you should ensure that a pet is always freely able to leave a space where a diffuser is in operation.

How do I know which essential oils to choose for my diffuser?

When selecting an essential oil to diffuse, consider the desired effects.  Are you looking for calming

properties, invigorating or relaxing?  Always select oils according to your desired outcome.  For example, Lavender can have a calming and soothing effect whilst Peppermint can energize and enliven the senses, and Lemon can uplift your mood.

For more detailed advice on the use of essential oils in your diffuser, this booklet will arm you with a raft of recipes for targeted use:

Now that you’ve learned about essential oils and the benefits of diffusion, you’ll no doubt be curious to experience further the power of essential oils through aromatic use, you will love how potent and effective they are.  If you are trying to create a healthy, natural lifestyle, the aromatic use of essential oils is one of the easiest ways to benefit your body and mind.  Reach out to us!  Love My Skin will help you learn more about the benefits of essential oils and how they can assist you in many other areas of your life on your journey to wonderful wellbeing.

In the meantime, enjoy creating the atmosphere and outcome you desire by the use of essential oils aromatically.

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