What is Essential Oil Therapy?

And why should you make it a part of your beauty regime?

Diffusing essential oils is a wonderfully natural therapy for your mind, body, and soul.  Adding the right essential oils to your diffuser can restore moisture and rejuvenate your skin whilst creating the perfect ambience to compliment your mood whilst at home.

But how do essential oils work?  And how do you ensure the right quality, and combination of the oils you use?

We asked our resident Essential Oils expert Vivien Garside to share some of her extensive knowledge and passion on this ancient therapy, and how you can introduce its amazing benefits to your home beauty routine.

Essential oils are not a new fad, they’ve been around for centuries and used very effectively to support varying conditions. They are renowned for their variety of uses and benefits, and for providing versatile solutions to many of our everyday problems.

Anciently, essential oils were used frequently in rituals and religious practices with the discovery that aroma had the ability to influence feelings and uplift mood, in addition to the Greek’s use of oils for medicinal purposes.

How can you ensure the quality of your essential oils?

Not all essential oils are of equal quality, and it is advisable to be wary of misleading claims on some packaging within mainstream retailers…

The reality is that many factors have a huge effect on the quality (and therefore potency and effectiveness) of an essential oil, which will ultimately affect your desired outcome.

Just as humans come with preferences, plants are the same. For example, some plants are best harvested during their flowering period, whilst others are best to be picked during the fresh morning sun just when the dew has lifted. These factors affect the potency and the yield of a plant.

The potency of an essential oil can be comprised of many factors such as where the plant was grown, which part of the plant that the essential oil was extracted from, how the plant was grown and in what conditions, when and how it was harvested as well as how it has been stored and packaged.

Love My Skin has taken the worry out of the selection process for you, as we have researched extensively to bring you only the best available oils in terms of potency and quality.

Part of our research involved ensuring that all our oils have undergone rigorous testing for quality and efficacy.  The purity of an essential oil is its more important characteristic, and using a synthetic based essential oil runs a risk of putting germs, adulterants onto and into your bo

dy which could provoke irritation or adverse effect.  Without an exacting standard, it is a challenge to know which oil to use.  Love My Skin has selected essential oils that are verified by a testing certification called CPTG (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade).   CPTG certifies that there are no added fillers, synthetic ingredients, or harmful contaminants that would otherwise affect their efficacy.

Oils are even put through an array of tests to ensure a long and effective shelf life so you can get the most out of the properties in every bottle and can use them with assurance and confidence.

How can essential oils benefit skincare?

Our skin is our body’s largest organ, and how we care for it is important as it affects our entire body system.  People have used essential oils in skincare for centuries, benefiting from their soothing, purifying, calming and natural properties.  There are many ways that essential oils can be used to maintain healthy-looking skin of any type.  Whether your skin is dry, oily or merely lacking vibrancy.

One of the most effective of these methods is by using essential oils aromatically in a diffuser. A diffuser enables us to safely and efficiently experience the power of essential oils with very little skill or in-depth knowledge.

One of the main benefits of aromatic use of essential oils is that they can be used to purify the air around us.  By using essential oils with purifying properties, you can dispel unwanted odours around the home and workplace, and replace them with pure, pleasant scents.

Many other air-purifying products such as plug-ins can contain toxins and chemicals which can disrupt hormones in the body and have a negative effect on our internal system.  Using high-quality essential oils like those available from Love My Skin, that are free from contaminants, synthetics and fillers can provide a safe and natural way to purify the air in your home, without inhaling harmful toxins.

How does an essential oil diffuser work?

A diffuser disperses microdroplets of essential oil as a fine vapour into the air which are absorbed into the body through the skin and respiratory system.  The aroma can bring about prompts to the nervous system which in turn transmits signals to the limbic system (the part that stores emotions and memory) of the brain which can affect how we think, feel and react.

Likewise, diffusing essential oils can support tired and irritated skin by restoring m

oisture and bringing rejuvenating effects.  Looking after your skin is just as important as how we treat ourselves internally so be sure to use only pure, natural and certified products for maximum benefit.

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