How to take care of your skin after a facial

Why maintaining your facial at home is SO worth it!

Let’s be honest, we’ve all at some point experienced the sheer bliss and total pleasure of a salon facial (if you haven’t already, then get one booked in pronto!) but we don’t often continue the good work our facial therapist has begun at home. Time constraints, knowing where to start, knowing what to use etc. all play a part in why we often leave the facial experience behind at the salon.

If you’re lucky enough to visit your facial therapist regularly, we salute you. If you’re not, then we’re here to help you bring the salon home with our best advice on how you can imitate your experience to get the most out of your facial treatment.

Clear some time in your evening and follow our 6 simple steps to becoming your own home facial therapist.

Step 1:  The Cleanse

Cleansing is the first and most important part of your home facial. Make-up contains emollients, which respond best to other emollients and therefore ensure a more effective removal of make-up, dirt and debris. A cleansing oil, cream or lotion will work best to break down the make-up more effectively. We recommend the Love My Skin Luxury Cleanse and Tone Device for use with your preferred cleanser.


  1. Start by massaging the cleanser on to dry skin.
  2. Wet your Love My Skin Luxury Cleanse and Tone Device or Facial Cleansing Brush and work all over the face in a circular motion. Always work from the inside of the face outwards. If using the Cleanse and Tone Device, turn on and select your preferred intensity (there are 3). The sonic vibrations contained within both devices, will maximise the penetration of the products in to your skin.
  3. Rinse the cleanser thoroughly and pat the face dry.
Top tip: Use a couple of textured cleansers to suit your skin type.

Step 2: The Steam

Now that your skin is completely clean, it’s time to move on to the steam stage.

Steaming has a myriad of benefits for your face. The heat from the steam warms up the internal temperature of your skin encouraging the pores to dilate. Blackheads are raised to the surface and any hardened oils are melted down in to the skin. Steaming is also great at helping to stimulate blood flow and ensures hydration levels are increased, unlocking moisture back in to the skin. Try the Love My Skin Premium Facial Steamer, it’s sleek, well designed and perfect for a relaxing home steam experience.

Top tip: Use the Love My Skin Premium Facial Steamer for just 10-15 minutes, once or twice a week. Don’t overdo it as you could cause your skin to dehydrate.

Step 3: The massage

Introducing a massage as part of your facial will not only help the skin but it’s a great way to increase lymphatic drainage and improve circulation. Some techniques also help to brighten, tighten and contour the skin. We recommend including the Love My Skin Rose Quartz Facial Sculpting Beauty Set to your at home facial for the perfect relaxing experience. Pair these two tools with your favourite facial oil and see the magic happen!


  1. Start with the Rose Quartz Vibrating Facial Roller. Apply a medium pressure to introduce your facial muscles to the technique and roll away for as long as you can!
  2. Finish with some longer, slightly deeper movements with the Gua Sha.
Top tip: Always massage from the inside of the face outwards in a continuous upward motion. Ensure you apply plenty of oil. If you have more than 10 minutes spare (lucky you!) then reapply and continue the massage.


Step 4: The mask

If you’ve made it this far, then you’re clearly enjoying your at home facial (see we told you it would be worth it!)

It’s time now to sit down (for 10 mins) and truly relax with a mask.  There are many different masks available, which include creams, gels, clay and sheet masks. We recommend finding a sheet mask that works for your skin type. Our Love My Skin Miracle Face Mask Device can be used with any sheet mask but also goes great with a cream mask. With a built- in warming plate which works to infuse the product ingredients into the skin, alongside the LED red light that works to rejuvenate, reduce fine lines and wrinkles. You’ll achiever brighter skin that not only looks well rested but feels great too.

  1. Apply sheet mask to the device.
  2. Turn device on and select ‘Mode’ for hydrating, brightening or soothing.
  3. Lightly move the device in sweeping strokes from the inside to the outside of the face.
Top Tip: Our device can be used with any sheet mask, so why not treat a different concern on each use!

Step 5: Serum

We can’t stress the importance of the final two steps of your at home facial.

Firstly, applying your serum, which is pretty much your magic potion when it comes to skincare! Layering this before your moisturiser will lock in the powerful active ingredients. Serums are designed to nourish, protect and hydrate your skin, so find one that really works well with your skin type.

  1. Use 3 drops on to your finger tips
  2. Rub your fingers gently together
  3. Pat on to your skin
  4. Gently blend outwards
Top tip: Don’t use too much otherwise the serum will remain on the surface of your skin and won’t be fully absorbed. 

Step 6: Moisturise

The final step of your at home facial should be to moisturise and ensure all the good work you’ve applied up until this stage is prolonged for as long as possible. Using the right type of moisturiser for your skin will help maintain it’s balance. If skin becomes too dry, or oily, problems such as acne can occur. It’s also a really nice way to leave your skin feeling hydrated, smooth and protected.

  1. Apply to forehead, eye contour area, nose, cheeks and neck.
  2. Use continuous upward and outward sweeping strokes.
Top tip: For oily skin, look for lotions rather than creams with an exfoliant ingredient. For dry skin, try a cream, which usually has a higher oil content.


That’s it, that’s all there is to it…! Bring your facials home and be your own facial therapist!

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