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Quick! Have a peek! What if we told you that this box holds the secret to younger looking skin? . It’s our @lovemyskinuk Anti Ageing Compact. A clever little device that will rejuvenate your skin, promote a more even skin tone, smooth your skin by increasing collagen production and reduce the appearance of brown spots by targeting deeper UV damage. . Visit our website and search Anti-Ageing for the full story, or ask us a question. . Have you got a @lovemyskinuk Anti-Ageing Compact? Post your Instagram review and tag #lovemyskinuk to tell us what you think and we will send you a free travel pouch to keep it safe and snug inside your bag. . #beautyproduct #antiageing #antiaging #youngerskin #collagen #wrinkles #smoothskin #clearskin #beautygram #redlighttherapy #beautyblogger #bblogger #reviewswanted


#tbt to Kristel’s Laser Hair Removal diary. Kristel is a 37-year-old mother of 2 living in Llanelli. “Since my late twenties, I have been plagued with embarrassing, dark facial hair on my jaw and upper lip, which has worsened over the years.” . “The hair grows so quickly that I always end up checking my face and using a trimmer to get rid of any stubble before leaving the house, which isn’t ideal.” . After 2 months (6 fortnightly treatments) using the Love My Skin Laser Hair Remover, Kristel sent us some amazing feedback: “I am really pleased to say that I’m continuing to see a reduction in hair regrowth.” . “The patches with no regrowth have increased in size from last month and further patches have appeared on both sides of my face.” . “I have also noticed that the Love My Skin laser is having a positive effect on the appearance of my skin, which can look very dark, even when shaved, because of the dark hair follicles under the skin being visible.” . “In recent weeks I have found that my skin is now looking lighter on the areas where there is no hair regrowth, which I believe is down to the fact that the hair follicles have been destroyed by the laser, so there’s nothing to show through the skin.” . “I am delighted that the Love My Skin laser is tackling two problems that have been causing me embarrassment over many years!” . You can read all of Kristel’s updates on our blog. And as always, if you have any questions about our Laser Hair Remover.... ask away 😉. . #throwbackthursday #hairless #facialhair #laserhairremoval #clearskin #smoothskin #bblogger #beautyblogger #testimonial #hairfree #laser #instabeauty #realbeauty #summerlegs #realstories #beautyproducts #beautypr


If you’re tired of reaching for the razor every day, or having to endure painful waxing appointments, have a look into laser hair removal. You can de-fuzz in the comfort of your own home. And by following our treatment schedule, you could prevent hair re-growth in 3-6 months....all over your body! The link in our bio will tell you more, or ask us a question. We’re listening 😘 . #hairless #hairemoval #laserhairremoval #hairfree #shaving #waxing #threading #smoothskin #smoothlegs #facialhair #underarmhairremoval #bikinilife


Underarm hair is the pits, but our Laser Hair Remover can help you banish it forever. These two pictures were sent to us today by a very happy customer showing the results to her armpits after just one treatment! . After 3 months of consistent use, you can be underarm hair free forever. A course of 6 underarm treatments in a salon would cost around £515. Our Laser is currently available for £299! We’ll leave you to do those maths 😉 . Click the link in our bio for more information on our superstar laser hair remover. . #laserhairremoval #underarmhair #armpit #armpithair #razorburn #smoothskin #hairless #hairfree #hairfreeforever #beautyathome #homebeauty #beautyblogger #bblogger #instabeauty #beautygram



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