The Ultimate Facial Roller Gift Set

This skin smoothing and sculpting set of vibrating facial rollers are made with delicate rose quartz, a naturally occurring cool crystal, known to ease tension, stress, and anxiety, believed to connect to the heart chakra, promoting self-love. A workout for your face in a box.



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Gua Sha Stone

A Rose quartz shaped stone to massage and scrape facial muscles to promote healthy skin and drain lymph nodes.

Deep Facial Massage

Specialised head to deeply massage your facial muscles.

Smooth Facial Massage

Specialised head to smooth and softly massage your facial muscles.

For a "Jawgeous" Jawline

Specialised V shaped head to deeply massage and tone your facial muscles.

Eye Revitalising

Specialised head to awaken the skin and facial muscles around your eyes.

The vibrating roller works over 6,000 sonic vibrations per minute delivering a relaxing gentle facial massage experience to naturally improve circulation, reviving that glow in your skin. Designed to glide across the contours of your face, the 4 different shaped interchangeable heads and rose quartz Gua sha stone can be used in conjunction with your favourite beauty serums.

Helping to firm and brighten your skin leaving you in a state of bliss. From the comfort of your own home you can use these anti-ageing beauty tools to reveal a beautifully toned and rejuvenated complexion, not forgetting to mention a ‘jawgeous’ jawline.

Why Love My Skin? Perfect for the style-conscious – look fabulous every day using the latest in beauty technology! Love My Skin have developed a product range that will make you glow as you enhance your beauty regime.

Pack Includes

1 x Love My Skin Vibrating Facial Roller Handle
4 x Love My Skin Roller Head Attachments
1 x Love My Skin Rose Quartz Gua Sha Stone
*1 x AA Battery Not Included