Miracle Face Mask Device

The vibrating Miracle Face Mask Device is made from hygienic silicone and innovative photon thermo-therapy technology, gradually warming up to disperse and deeply penetrate the goodness of your favourite facial sheet mask ingredients into the skin, combined with yellow, red and blue LED light which helps to target a variety of skin care concerns, promoting a glowing complexion. Easy to use, you apply over your choice of facial sheet mask or secure a mask into the device with the detachable ring to commence this next generation treatment of facial indulgence.


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Key Features

LED Illuminated

Illuminates to show the different modes.

Multi-Light Therapy

Contains red, blue and yellow LED light.


Can be used in the shower or bath.

Use with Universal Sheet Mask

Apply over your choice of facial sheet mask.

Different Modes

Hydrating Mode – combine yellow LED with a hydrating mask for accelerating cell growth.

Brightening Mode – combine red LED with a vitamin C mask for stimulating collagen production, firming the skin.

Soothing Mode – combine blue LED with a rejuvenation mask, sterilizes and mitigates inflamed acne.

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Pack Includes

1 x Miracle Face Mask device
1 x USB charging cable
1 x User guide