Laser Hair Remover – Case Study

Love My Skin Laser Hair Remover CASE STUDY My name is Yasmin, I’m 30 years old and live in London. I’m half Persian and therefore naturally pretty hairy. I have always had quite pale skin and dark hair so removing hair has always been a continuous challenge for me.

Since my early teens I have had a bit of a complex about my hair. I use to wear long sleeve tops in school as my arms were SO hairy and I would need to shave my legs and armpits once a day – I was forever envious of the fair skin girls who would only need to shave every 2-3 days.

I dreamt that one day I would be earning enough money to be able to afford permanent hair removal and never having to worry about my bodily hair ever again!

Since my late teens I have epilated regularly doing my legs and arms. After years of epilating my hair is now a bit thinner but the hair re-growth hasn’t reduced that much and so I was still looking for a better solution.

I started looking at IPL, Electrolysis and Laser treatments at the salons about a year ago but I saw how much they cost and sadly that ruled it out for me (I just can’t afford thousands on removing hair!).

About 5 months ago I was approached to take part in a focus group on hair removal methods, following this I was given the opportunity to try one of the devices – I jumped at the chance to try something new, but based on my experience of hair removal methods and all of the over promises I wasn’t holding out much hope for success.

In total, I have been using the product now for the last 16 weeks and am thrilled with the results I’m seeing! With summer in mind, I started just on my legs, but I am definitely going to move on to treating my arms next. I did a test on one area of my leg first which didn’t show any red marks or change in the skin so I carried on.

I found the product very easy to hold… it isn’t too heavy either which is great, and there is only one button so you can’t really go wrong. I know some others have batteries but having a plug meant I could do both legs without having to wait for it to re-charge which for me works better.



the instructions say to use it every few weeks, which is what I tried to roughly stick to. I got in a routine and just sat and did it while watching TV and it went by pretty quickly. I had it on the highest setting for my legs and it really didn’t hurt. Every now and then I got a bit of a sting but it was nothing, compared to epilating – it’s a joy to do!

Here is the progress made over the last four months.

Laser Hair Remover Results

1 month – I didn’t notice much difference after the first month to be honest, however this is also what the instructions said to expect so I wasn’t disappointed. Using the device was easy, just select the comfort level wait for the green sensor light and start. I had to make sure I overlapped each time I moved the laser up my leg but got the hang of it pretty quickly.  I did notice the fan come on after a few minutes but guess they have to use it as they don’t use heavy batteries.

2 months – My upper leg hair was noticeably reduced and took a lot longer to grow back. I would usually need to shave this area around every three days, it then changed to probably a good week without needing a shave. I didn’t notice much difference in the bottom half of legs, however, the hairs are a lot thicker than the top halves of my legs so that must be why. 

3 months – I now only need to shave the upper parts of legs around every 2-3 weeks, hair growth is very noticeably reduced here! The bottom half of my legs have also reduced and now need to be shaved every 3 days, which is a great improvement as I use to have to shave them every day!

4 months– So there really isn’t much hair left now on the top parts of my legs and the bottom part needs to be shaved only once a week.

I am genuinely surprised as to how easy to use and how well this works. I was quite worried about using laser hair removal, I always assumed you need a big salon device to get the same results but happily admit that I was wrong. I’ll continue to send updates as I use it but this is definitely a winner for women who like me have a lot of hair.