Kristel’s Love My Skin Laser Hair Removal Diary – Month Two

Month 2 Update 

I have now undertaken 6 fortnightly treatments on my face, and am really pleased to say that I’m continuing to see a reduction in hair regrowth 

The patches with no regrowth have increased in size from last month and further patches have appeared on both sides of my face.

I have also noticed that the love my skin laser is having a positive effect on the appearance of my skin, which can look very dark, even when shaved, because of the dark hair follicles under the skin being visible.

In recent weeks I have found that my skin is now looking lighter on the areas where there is no hair regrowth, which I believe is down to the fact that the hair follicles have been destroyed by the laser, so there’s nothing to show through the skin

I am delighted that the love my skin laser is tackling two problems that have been causing me embarrassment over many years!

kristel laser month two kristel month two