Kristel’s Love My Skin Laser Hair Removal Diary – Month One

Month One

The Love My Skin laser arrived speedily and was very well packaged in a cardboard box with padding inside.  The presentation box within that is very pretty and there are 3 handy compartments inside it for storing the device, the power supply adaptor and plug.  There’s also a fabric pouch to keep the handset in, and an instruction booklet.

love my skin laser hair remover unboxing


When I first came to use the Love My Skin laser, I was very pleased to find that no expensive messy gels were required, as I’ve used them in the past with IPL treatments and didn’t like them. Another feature I really liked was that the device automatically senses when it is in full contact with your skin and triggers the laser, so you don’t have to keep pressing buttons.

A real plus with this device is that there is no waiting around for it to charge, as you keep it plugged into the mains when in use, then unplug it and pack it away in its box once you’re finished.

I used the highest setting when carrying out my treatments and didn’t find them to be painful, only a warm, slight smarting sensation was felt on areas with dense hair growth, in other areas I didn’t feel a thing.

A few days after my first treatment, I looked in the mirror when brushing my teeth and saw that a few hairs had fallen out and needed brushing off of my skin, which was a good sign that the laser was working.

I have been carrying out treatments every fortnight and have done three since I received the love my skin laser at the end of December.

So far, I feel that the rate of hair growth seems to have slowed down.  Previously I could shave first thing in the morning and would need to again come 2 p.m. as dark stubble would be visible.  Now there are days when non-is visible until late in the evening.

Within the past week, I have noticed that there are small patches appearing where no hair is growing back, so hopefully, these will get bigger over time.

I am already feeling much more confident and happy with my appearance and am relieved that I can spend a day in the School without worrying about stubble appearing.

I’m looking forward to seeing what progress I will make in the coming weeks and months on my mission to eradicate facial hair!