Danny Beard Reviews LMS’s Laser

Danny Beard tells us what he currently thinks of our Laser Hair Remover as he begins his fourth month of trying this hair removal method…


Why do you want hairless skin?

I suffer really bad with in grown hairs, it’s not so much shaving I don’t like it’s the dreaded in-growns that come afterwards. 


What problems do you normally have with hair removal?

I have in the past developed shaving rash!  


Do you think this is a problem that’s relevant to the drag industry?

I think lots of men/ women & trans women suffer from in-growns. Especially woman and trans women because there is that pressure to be smooth. 


What method of hair removal do you normally use?

I have shaved & waxed before! 


What benefits do you find there are to laser hair removal..

Laser hair removal is about playing the long game with hair removal! It’s about getting rid of the hair permanently and never having to put up with in-growns or rashes again. 


Where were you when you first opened/used the laser?

I was as home on my sofa with my friend and we both tried it on each other! 


What were your thoughts on the packaging and design?

I expected it to be a lot bigger! It’s handy size means you can pop a reminder on your phone and take it anywhere with you so you never miss a treatment. 


Can you describe your daily beauty regime? 

My daily regime consists of a quality foaming face wash designed for spot prone skin, then I use a chemical exfoliating liquid & an oil free moisturiser. For my body I use a scrub & shower gel in one and use various different moisturiser- usually whatever is on offer! 


How many laser sessions has your friend had with the laser?

My friend has had 4 sessions now and the hairs are definitely thinning out! We can both see a massive difference from day one! 


How would they describe the feel of the laser and how easy was it to use?

The laser is like a very faint flick. Sometimes you front feel a thing and then every so often you can feel it. It’s not an enjoyable feeling but it’s nothing that would stop me using it or make me not want to use it.