Be festival ready with laser hair removal

Glastonbury Festival has just ended, which officially means festival season is here. So, enjoy the music, splash out the glitter and (hopefully) relish in the sunshine!

Multiple days in a field with just a rucksack of belongings and a tent doesn’t allow you a lot of space to do your usual hair removal routines. You’ve already got to think about everything else you need to fit in:

Facepaint, sequins and glitter? Check.

Plenty of sparkly and embroidered clothes? Check.

Tickets? Of course.

But, the last thing you want to deal with in preparation is how you’re going to shave whilst you’re there.

You don’t want to worry about prickly legs or stubbly underarms, but tackling that in a tent might be a bit of struggle. Whilst packing a razor may not seem like much, fast regrowth and lack of showers mean that your skin might become irritated and damaged by using a razor.

With many festivals not until the end of August, you’ve got just enough time to start more permanent methods of hair removal.

Laser hair removal is the perfect hair removal option, in preparation for the next festival on your list. From the comfort of you own home, with no fuss or no mess, you can use our at-home laser hair remover and say goodbye to razors, waxes and epilators and enjoy your next festival without fast regrowth.

It does take a couple of months to start seeing results, so that’s why you want to get started now. After just one month you could see up to a 70% reduction in hair regrowth and after 3 months, any hair follicles that have been deactivated by the laser treatments will cease growing any hair. Not only will it keep you hair free for a festival of fun, but it’ll last much longer than that.

Check out our Love My Skin Pinterest Board ‘Love My Festival’ to get in the mood for the festivals ahead and to get some inspiration on those classic festival looks.