About Skyn Care

Looking for a little skinspiration? Then look no further, we’ve developed a range of well-designed products to take care of all your skincare needs! Take your beauty regime up a level with Skyncare. Skincare doesn’t have to be boring and neither does your make-up bag! 

Who Are Kinetik?

Kinetik are our parents and like parents, they understand the important role that technology plays in making all of our lives better.  Their award winning, affordable and accurate range of products allow you to take control of your health and well-being through regular checks and treatments in the comfort of your own home.

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Take your beauty regime up a level with cutting edge technology, bold design and a whole lot more fun. Find out about our latest Skyn Care product here.


Our Customer Centric Approach

A series of technological advancements has streamlined the increase for innovative and smart technology products within the Beauty market, leading to an increase in both salon and at home beauty treatments. Consumers are becoming more educated about their skin and they now have more of an understanding about how to make it shine!

Here at Skyn Care we pride ourselves on carrying out extensive market research to understand what products our consumers desire to achieve that inner glow. We keep the customer at the centre of everything, right from the initial design concept through to retailer production.