Blackhead Remover

Reveal your inner glow with our Electric Blackhead Remover! This easy-to-use treatment helps to exfoliate dead skin, removes excess oil, reduces blemishes, smooths fine lines and unclogs pores. Say goodbye to those unwanted blackheads and whiteheads. This kit includes 4 different heads for a ‘pore perfect’ glowing face.




Key Features

Microcrystalline Head

Exfoliating effect for rejuvenating skin

Blackhead Removal Head

Large round head for strong suction

Pore Perfection Head

Delicate blackhead removal for sensitive skin

Special Pointed Head

Designed for micro-lifting massage suction for the corners of the nose and mouth

How to use

Facial microdermabrasion and skin firming

1. Make sure you have a clean and dry face. Choose which beauty head you want to use and attach to the device.

2. Starting from the jaw, move the beauty instrument from the bottom up. Place the device on the cheek and move from the inside out.

3. Place the device on the forehead and move from the middle to the sides then place the Blackhead Remover in the T zone and move from the bottom to the top of the face.

Blackhead removal

1. Replace with a large round hole or a small round hole beauty head.

2. Use the device on the blackheads and acne. Move the device around your face as needed.
Technique: When you suck the blackheads move the device around slowly around the targeted area but please don’t move back and forth.

Reduce fine lines

1. Insert the oval hole beauty head.

2. Place it in the corners of the eyes, nose, mouth, etc. for care, adjust the machine position as needed.

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Pack includes

1 x Blackhead Remover
4 x suction heads
5 x sponge
2 x silicone rings
1 x USB charging cable
1 x instruction label