Cordless Precision Bikini & Body Shaver

The Love My Skin Bikini & Body Shaver is equipped with safe and durable blades to efficiently shave or trim the bikini line and body hair. With blades to suit different lengths of hair, a sort comb ensures a precise, gentle shaving experience, whilst the long hair shaving head allows delicate areas to be trimmed with ease, leaving a close but comfortable shave, the appliance is water resistant to allow for either dry or in shower shaving.


How to use

Step 1

Ensure area is clean, remove the protective cap and slide the power switch to ‘ON’

Step 2

Place the blade head upwards from the ankle to the thigh or if working on the arm inside out.

Step 3

Underarm and bikini hair growth in different directions so for flawless results, shave in different directions.

Step 4

After each use, slide the power switch to ‘OFF’.

Why Love My Skin? Perfect for the style-conscious – look fabulous every day using the latest in beauty technology! Love My Skin have developed a product range that will make you glow as you enhance your beauty regime.

Pack Includes

1 x Cordless Precision Bikini & Body Shaver
1 x Instruction manual
1 x Warranty Card