Mini Sonic Silicone Facial Cleanser

Reveal your inner glow with the Skyn Care Mini Sonic Silicone Facial Cleanser. The Sonic vibration technology helps to push dirt and grime out of the pores, for deep cleansing without harsh exfoliation. Compact and easy to use, the hygienic and skin-friendly device is gentle enough for acne prone and sensitive skin. This cleanser is water resistant and offers 7 vibration settings, leaving your skin with a glowing smooth finish.



Key Features

Ultrasonic Vibration Technology

Sonic vibrations help to push the dirt out of pores, for deep cleansing without harsh exfoliation.


Can be used in the shower or bath.

Travel Friendly

Compact size.

Battery Operated

Requires 1 x AAA battery.

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Pack Includes

1 x Facial Cleanser
1 x Instruction manual