Vibrating Facial Lifting Roller

Offer the facial muscles a workout whilst contouring and sculpting the face. With sonic vibrations, this tool will also offer a better penetration to your chosen serum or moisturiser.


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Key Features

Over 6000 Sonic Vibrations per Minute

Battery Operated

How to use – 4 simple steps


Gently wash your face with a cleanser before use. To enhance the anti-wrinkle effect, apply your favourite serum.


Roll the device in an upwards motion from the neck up towards the face.


Next, roll outwards from the chin towards the nose, ears and jawline in smooth upwards strokes.


Finish off with the inner corner of the eye to the edge of the face.

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Pack Includes

1 x V-shaped Vibrating Facial Lifting Roller
1 x Instruction manual