Rejuvenation Beauty Wand

Our ‘wonder’ tool, created to help aid the repair of damaged skin. This device combines EMS and LED light therapy technology to gently activate the skin cells, stimulate rejuvenation of collagen, improve skin elasticity, soften wrinkles and leave the skin looking smooth and healthy.


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Key Features

Micro-Current Stimulation

Gently activates the skin cells and stimulates collagen production.

Enhances Absorption

Use in conjunction with your favourite serum or moisturiser.

Skin Rejuvenation

Aims to restore skin from damage.

Multi-Light Therapy

Contains blue, red and yellow LED light.


This device gently activates skin cells, helps to fight acne and hyperpigmentation, encourages collagen rejuvenation, improves skin elasticity, and helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

We recommend you use our anti-ageing Rejuvenation Beauty Wand 2-3 times a week in conjunction with your favourite serum or moisturiser to promote clearer, smoother, healthier, flawless skin that glows.


Light Modes

Blue Light: soothes and diminishes skin inflammation
Yellow Light: treats hyperpigmentation
Red Light: promotes collagen regeneration
Polychromatic Mode: combination multi light



Why Love My Skin? Perfect for the style-conscious – look fabulous every day using the latest in beauty technology! Love My Skin have developed a product range that will make you glow as you enhance your beauty regime.

Pack Includes

1 x Rejuvenation Beauty Wand device
1 x USB charge cable
1 x User guide