LED Face Treatment Mask

The ultimate in at-home facial therapy for a brighter and more flawless complexion. Our mask delivers 7 different light treatments, developed with the aim of reducing fine lines, healing and calming the skin, whilst also aiding the appearance of discolouration and redness.  This safe, pain-free, relaxing and non-invasive treatment really is the next generation of beauty tools.


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Key Features

Full Face Design

Easily covers your whole face with easy to use velcro straps.

Skin Rejuvenation

Aims to restore your skin from damage.

Multi Light Therapy

7 different light therapy colours.

Professional Results

Achieve that salon finish.

7 Coloured Light Benefits

Red Light: promotes collagen & repairs damaged skin.

Green Light: helps to reduce swelling, reduces oil secretion & relieves mental tension.

Yellow Light: improves cell oxygen exchange to promote lymphatic drainage, improve skin texture, reduce wrinkles & can treat skin redness.

Blue Light: sterilizes & diminishes inflammation.

Purple Light: treats acne.

Green-Blue Light: can enhance cell energy & promotes metabolism.

Laser White Light: improves the appearance of fine lines & sagging skin.

Why Love My Skin? Perfect for the style-conscious – look fabulous every day using the latest in beauty technology! Love My Skin have developed a product range that will make you glow as you enhance your beauty regime.

Pack Includes

1 x LED Face Mask cevice
1 x USB charging cable and power pack
1 x User manual