LED Face Treatment Mask

The Love My Skin LED Face Treatment Mask is a relaxing, safe, pain-free and easy-to-use light therapy treatment to help with skin concerns. This innovative device is powered by 7 LED light colours to help smooth fine lines, promote healing, soothe skin and reduce discolouration and redness.


How to use

Step 1

Cleanse the skin thoroughly with your favourite cleanser and dry thoroughly.
Take the face mask out and loop through the headbands

Step 2

Press the ON button for 3 seconds to turn the device on and press ON again to select the Light Therapy colour of your choice.

Step 3

Place the mask over the face, lie back & relax!

Step 4

After your session, switch off the device and clean accordingly. Store away the mask and continue with your skincare routine.

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Pack Includes

1 x LED Face Treatment Mask
1 x Instruction manual
1 x Warranty Card