Essential Oils Upgrade


Choose your perfect essential oils blends to pair with your Love My Skin Diffuser. Simple state which 5 blends you wish to receive in the order notes at the checkout & receive a FREE recipe book with over 120 recipes for the body and mind. Each vial comes with a few drops of therapeutic pure grade oil. Each vial is suitable for a single use with the Diffuser.

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♡ Cinnamon ♡ Clove ♡ Eucalyptus ♡ Rosemary ♡ Wild Orange

Sweet Dreams
♡ Lavender ♡ Cedarwood ♡ Vetiver

♡ Grapefruit ♡ Lime ♡ Siberian Fir

♡ Lavender ♡ Rosemary ♡ Melaleuca ♡ Peppermint

Stress Less
♡ Lemon ♡ Wild Orange ♡ Clove ♡ Cedarwood

♡ Wild Orange ♡ Rosemary ♡ Peppermint

Calm & Relax
♡ Lavendar ♡ Wild Orange

Immunity Boost
♡ Lemon ♡ Melaleuca ♡ Oregano ♡ Copaiba

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Therapeutic Pure Grade Oils

Using pure therapeutic grade essential oils in a Diffuser is a preferable way to create pleasing fragrances and naturally reduce odour-causing bacteria in and around the home and workplace, as well as the added benefits it brings to your wellbeing.The quality and purity of essential oil is very important. Just as air fresheners can be made from synthetics, many essential oils equally can contain synthetic compounds, additives and fillers.We have therefore teamed up with Oils from Nature to bring you a sample of only the purest and extensively tested therapeutic grade essential oils that guarantee their quality to be pure and safe for all family use.Only a few drops of oil are necessary with your Diffuser per use. Each vial in our upgrade has a few drops for a single use.

Why Only A Few Drops?

Only a few drops of oil are required in your Diffuser due to the purity and potency of the essential oils by Oils From Nature. We offer five blends in the upgrade which has just a few drops in each vial as this is sufficient for one use per vial. Unlike many oils you will find, Oils From Nature don't have any added ingredients whatsoever making them 100% pure.