Love My Skin Anti Ageing Pen

  • Six concentrated LEDs to tackle wrinkles around delicate areas like the eyes, nose, and mouth.
  • Perfectly portable, you can slip it into your handbag to use whenever you like.
  • The Anti Ageing Pen is perfect for targeting specific areas prone to ageing where wrinkles can be at their most noticeable.
  • The 6 concentrated LED’s improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, leaving skin smoother and brighter.


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We’re also extremely confident in the design, engineering and testing behind our red-light therapy for anti-ageing. That’s why we have a lifetime guarantee on the function of our LEDs, so you can keep rolling back the years with no worries.

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Take your first steps to younger looking skin, with the Love My Skin Anti Ageing Compact and Pen, and bid farewell to wrinkles.

Anti Ageing - The Results

Loraine talks about using Love My Skin Anti Ageing – and how she looks healthier and has got more confidence as a result.