Love My Skin Anti Ageing Compact

  • 32 regenerated red-light LEDs are mounted in our beautifully simple, easy to handle Compact that fits right into your makeup bag.
  • The Love My Skin Anti-Ageing Compact is designed for larger areas, including your forehead, cheeks, and neck.
  • The red light promotes a more even skin tone, smooths the skin by increasing collagen production.
  • The red light reduces the appearance of brown spots by targeting UV damage deeper within the skin.


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We’re also extremely confident in the design, engineering and testing behind our red-light therapy for anti-ageing. That’s why we have a lifetime guarantee on the function of our LEDs, so you can keep rolling back the years with no worries.

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Anti Ageing - The Results

Loraine talks about using Love My Skin Anti Ageing – and how she looks healthier and has got more confidence as a result.