Our clear skin red light therapy range and cleaning brush is going to be your skincare routine’s new best friend! It’s time to say goodbye to spotty skin.

Red Light Therapy is the latest in advanced beauty, clinically proven to improve skin healing and reduce the inflammation associated with acne and spots. Turn your back on troublesome skin, and wake up to cleaner, calmer, smoother skin every day.

Effective cleansing is also a key part of your skin care routine, keeping your skin free of spots caused by oil, grime, and makeup residue, you can discover clearer, brighter and smoother skin with the Love My Skin Facial Cleanser.

Use for just 60 seconds each day and within just one week you will notice a visible improvement in your skin brightness, tone and texture.

So why not combine red light therapy with the Love My Skin Facial Cleansing System for complete skin care.

Candy Pink Facial Cleanser
Candy Pink Silicone Facial Cleanser
Derma Beauty Pro+
Luxury Cleanse and Tone Device
Premium Facial steamer
The Power Couple
White & Pink Face Steamer
Facial Cleanser
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Facial Cleanser Gift Pack
Premium Facial Cleanser
Rose Quartz Sculpting Beauty Set
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Sonic Facial Cleanser
Love My Skin Clear Skin Compact
Love My Skin Clear Skin Pen
Love My Skin Facial Cleansing System - Replacement Brush Heads
Facial Cleansing System USB Charger
Love My Skin Facial Cleansing System

Key features

Suitable for all

The Clear Skin range is kind to even very sensitive skin, and it won’t dry you out, clog your pores, or increase oiliness.


Our LEDs don’t emit heat or UV rays, so you don’t have to worry about burning or damage – it’s gentle but effective.

Beautifully designed

Easy to use, easy to pop in your makeup bag or handbag to use wherever you are – effective beauty that looks as good as it is

Clinically Proven

Independent studies have shown red light to be an effective method of reducing the inflammation caused by acne, and accelerate skin healing.

Red Light Therapy - How It Works

When you get a spot, your skin cells undergo stress, leading to increased levels of Mitochondrial Nitric Oxide (NOmt). This removes oxygen from the cells, making it harder for them to heal themselves.

Love My Skin’s Clear Skin range uses a very specific level of red light therapy to force out the NOmt, which allows oxygen to return, reducing cellular stress, and promoting cell regeneration.

All of which is a scientific way of saying that red light therapy helps enhance and improve your skin’s natural healing abilities, reducing the appearance and incidence of spots and blemishes.


We’re also extremely confident in the design, engineering and testing behind our red-light therapy for clear skin. That’s why we have a lifetime guarantee on the function of our LEDs, so you can keep your skin looking fabulous day in, day out.

Penny Talks About How Red Light Technology Can Be Used On The Go

Penny talks about how using red light technology can be used everywhere and doesn’t have to be used at the same time as the rest of your skincare regime. By using the Clear Skin range three times a day Penny was quickly seeing results without any side effects even on her sensitive skin. The Clear Skin pen is portable so you can take it with you and apply whenever you have a spare minute.

Get Started

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