Discover radiant, visibly younger-looking skin with Love My Skin Anti-Ageing. Stimulate collagen production and fight the signs of ageing, with advanced red light therapy.

Just a couple of minutes a day can give you smoother, brighter skin – combine red light therapy with your usual skincare regime for visible improvements in tone and texture in as few as 10 days.

Our Anti Ageing pen is designed to help you focus on smaller areas such as laughter lines, where as the compact allows you to target larger areas more effectively.

Our Independent research showed that there was an increase to the skins elasticity when our AntiAgeing products were used in conjunction with participant’s usual skincare routine.*

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Love My Skin Anti Ageing Compact
Love My Skin Anti Ageing Pen

Key features

Beautifully designed.

The Compact and Pen are both designed to be simple to use, elegant in the hand, and discreet in your bag.

Clinically proven.

Independent clinical trials showed skin improvement in up to 86% of users following a daily regiment.


Our LEDs don’t emit heat or UV rays, so you don’t have to worry about burning or damage, and it’s safe for sensitive skin too.

How It Works

Collagen is an important protein found under the skin’s surface, which is vital for skin elasticity, helping to make our skin firm and supple. As we get older, our skin produces less collagen, which is why skin becomes less plump and wrinkles begin to show.

Red light therapy is scientifically proven to help both stimulate and repair the skin. This non-evasive treatment works on all skin types even the most sensitive skin too.

Love My Skin Anti-Ageing uses red light therapy to target the signs of ageing at their source by penetrating the skin to re-energise the collagen-producing cells so that they can start working effectively again. The red light recharges each cell so that it can start producing collagen, making the skin look rejuvenated and refreshed.

Love My Skin’s Clear Skin range uses a very specific level of red light therapy to force out the NOmt, which allows oxygen to return, reducing cellular stress, and promoting cell regeneration.

All of which is a scientific way of saying that red light therapy helps enhance and improve your skin’s natural healing abilities, reducing the appearance and incidence of spots and blemishes.


Up to 86% of our trialists reported an improvement in the overall condition of their skin.

Before Treatment

After 60 Days

Before Treatment

After 60 Days

Find Out What Makes Loraine's Skin Glow

Loraine tells us how since using the Anti Ageing range her skins feels much smoother and looks healthier – people are commenting on how her skin looks brighter after just a short space of time.


We’re also extremely confident in the design, engineering and testing behind our red-light therapy for anti-ageing. That’s why we have a lifetime guarantee on the function of our LEDs, so you can keep rolling back the years with no worries.


*86% of trialists in group C (using Compact, Pen and skincare) and 79% in group B (using Compact and skincare) reported an improvement in the overall condition of their skin, compared to 36% using skincare alone (group A).

What the independent expert said: “Measures of skin elasticity are associated with skin feeling plumped firm and more youthful – these measures decreases with age. We showed an INCREASED elasticity compared to starting values after using the devices and moisturisers in combination; the skin was behaving more like younger skin. The increase was achieved faster than and was greater than any change from using moisturiser alone”

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