Rose Quartz Facial Mask

Whilst easing stress and anxiety and promoting calmness to the skin, body and mind. This facial mask is perfect at the end of a busy day and the perfect addition to any skincare routine, to help tone facial muscles, promote lymphatic drainage and help with puffiness and fine lines across the face.



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Key Features of the Rose Quartz Facial Mask



Full Face

Full Face Design

Promote wellbeing

Promote Wellbeing

Step 1

Cleanse your skin with your favourite cleanser and dry gently.

Step 2

Apply the Rose Quartz Facial Mask to the skin, over closed eyes and lie in a comfortable position.

Step 3

Whilst resting, take deep breaths and relax both mind and body.

Step 4

We recommend treating the skin for 20 minutes per session.

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Pack Includes

1 x Rose Quartz Face Mask